The history of rural poverty in India, particularly during the period of British colonial rule; had persuaded many Indian people to leave their families in search of a better life. This work is focused on the evolving cultural landscapes of the places I live and visit, whilst observing the influences and effects of migration. I draw inspiration from the environment I was raised in – Leicester; A place of refuge for thousands, exiled from East Africa in 1972, by Ugandan dictator Idi Amin.

Refused entry from other countries including India itself, over 28,000 came in search of a new life in Britain, leaving their fortune behind. The majority came to Leicester, ignoring a full page newspaper advert advising: “In your own interests and those of your family, you should not come to Leicester.” The resettlement of Ugandan Asians into “Belgrave”, Leicester is often cited as one of the most successful immigration operations, due to the entrepreneurial spirit of this community. August 2012 marked 40years since the Indian exodus from Uganda and Belgrave Road was renamed the “Golden Mile”.