I’m absolutely thrilled to receive one of ten artist bursaries from Snibston Discovery Museum as part of TRANSFORM (Arts Council England).

edit. This CPD (continuing professional development) was the launch pad for subsequent work on Trade links between the UK/India.


This is an opportunity to develop my own practice in relation to the museum and its collections. I will be mentored over a three-month period by artists already working on commissions at Snibston It was felt that this approach offered a ‘live’ situation and opportunities for sharing experiences, knowledge, work strategies, skills and approaches as well as ideas. Snibston Discovery Museum wants to change the way audiences view Snibston; engage with the locally, regionally and nationally important heritage and how audiences can access, participate in and engage with artistic ventures.


(an extract of my proposal)

‘Coal & Cloth’ includes a study of the textiles industry between Leicester and India. I am interested in documenting trade routes in the UK and remainders of the textiles industry, with a view to providing an understanding of trade between India and the UK. I would also like to provide information about the importance of coal, in the development of textile production and industrial output. Continuing my documentary project “what remains”, I am interested in portraying relationships between certain elements and processes of Industrialisation within Leicestershire. So far, I have documented old factories, which are no longer used to manufacture clothing and other textiles. Most of these buildings once employed thousands of migrant workers, including my own parents. I am interested to include these elements into my final work. I am also interested in illustrating information about the history of trade between India and the UK, in the years leading up to India’s independence from Great Britain.