I’ve been invited to participate as a jury member for the WAVE (Women Against Violence Europe) Step-Up Campaign, in Brussels.


The pan-European Youth Video Award was created in order to bring more youth involvement to the StepUp campaign. Young people (18-25 years old), youth organisations, film schools and media departments of universities were encouraged to participate actively, with the main goal of raising awareness of violence against women and encourage survivors to seek support. Seven countries took part in the Video Awards: Austria, Estonia, Italy, Finland, Macedonia, Portugal and Serbia.
The EU-wide ceremony will be held at the EU Parliament in Brussels on February 27th, 2017, where first place winners from all participating countries will be invited to come. Ulrike Lunacek, Vice-President of the EU Parliament, will be speaking along with members of the jury.


I look forward to the event.


Photo © Naisten Linja