I’m pleased to be among the speakers at this symposium, but it delights me more that my work as a socially engaged artist is finally a topic of discussion within professional photographic practice.


Among the questions to be debated in this symposium:
– Is it important to come from a community or do you become too involved?
– Is it more objective to come in from the outside?
– How do we insure the engagement is sincere and does not exploit?


Friday 16th June 2017
9:30 am – 17:30 pm
Birmingham City University, The Parkside Building, B4 7BE


Other speakers:

  • Andrew Jackson
  • Anthony Luvera
  • Camilla Brown
  • Edgar Martins
  • John Hillman
  • Michelle Sank
  • Paul Herrmann (Redeye)
  • Peta Murphy Burke (Arts Council England)
  • Simon Constantine