I have been selected for FORMAT, QUAD and Light House’s new initiative ‘East meets West’. This is a collaboration to showcase emerging photographers and film-makers from the East and West Midlands.


My 33% project was selected. This is an ongoing project about rural women in India seeking representation in Indian parliamentary elections. I have interviewed and photographed relatives and women from Adivasi communities as part of this project.


Other Artists: Christophe Dillinger, Jaskirt Dhaliwal, Helen Flanagan, Candice Jacobs, Chris Javin, Marcin Klein, Jan Klos, Wayne Mitchelson, Hazel O’Brien, Kajal Nisha Patel, Yelena Popova, Simon Raven, Rachel Robinson, David Severn, Anita Shukla.


This exhibiton is a result of a photography and film open call which sought to discover talent within the East and West Midlands. Photography submissions were judged by leading international photographer Simon Roberts, Louise Clements, artistic director at QUAD and FORMAT and Kathryn Kliszat, curator at Light House Media Centre. Film submissions were judged by film and video director Doug Smith, Adam Buss, director of audience engagement at QUAD, and Adam Marsh, QUAD cinema programmer.

Curated by Jill Carruthers and Michael Sargeant in collaboration with the artists.