A huge amount of respect for non London centric projects that are set up to support emerging artists. A similar project was launched when I was starting out in 2007/8, when I received a bursary to purchase my first professional camera. Back then, I was just a small girl with big dreams.


As I move closer to realising those dreams, it is worth noting that the individuals involved in important initiatives like Creative Leicestershire continue to support me long after the funding ran out. It was never just a job for you and you truly cared about what happened next.


Thank you Fred Brookes, Clare Hudson, Lucia Masundire of Creative Leicestershire and I very much look forward to working with you Elizabeth Hawley. Not to mention my portrait by Abbie Trayler Smith.


‘Document is a project that tracks and presents the experiences of artists. The project will tell the story of visual arts practice in the East Midlands, at this time, in the artist’s own voice. Individually and as a group, they will champion visual arts activity within the region and be advocates for the project’.


More about the project here.