Earlier this week, I spoke on a panel at The Nottingham Contemporary, alongside Michelle Hubbard, Black Lives Matter with Patcee Francis as chair. Our discussion followed the screening of Hidden Figures, hosted by Equation’s Reel Equality (feminist) Film club.


The focus of this panel was on the (under)representation of black and other ‘minority’ women in mainstream film and other media..this naturally led to discussions surrounding the urgency to tell our own stories. We (the panel/audience) talked about white supremacy, working-class struggles, the erasure of ‘minority’ women. We also discussed healing which follows after we distribute our own power.


While I’m preoccupied with the complexities of living between the intersections of caste, class, race, and gender, I’m constantly having to remind myself to listen to those with even less power and privilege.


Photo © Reel Equality.