PORTRAIT: People and Places of the First Art Area; Mansfield. 

I am officially a flâneuse following four months of photographing people living in the areas surrounding Chesterfield. Drawing on my mother’s experience of working in Leicester’s textiles & hosiery industry, for this project my curiosity was directed towards the remnants of local garment production, its related cottage industries along with other skilled craftspeople. I am interested in industrial decline and the way this has shaped communities which have suffered most from the effects of austerity.


The official launch took place in Mansfield town centre in 2015. The light-box exhibition system was designed and installed by Procur.arte of Portugal. Procur.arte is a cultural association based in Lisbon. It works for the development and dissemination of art, culture, creativity and innovation.


This project was commissioned by First Art and I worked in collaboration with David Severn.


Portrait 034