Diwali Extravaganza!

Lightseekers was recently commissioned for ‘Diwali Extravaganza’ at The Attenborough Arts Centre. It is a real pleasure to collaborate with organisations that go beyond conversations about diversity and being more inclusive. Instead facilitating emerging art practitioners to deliver and showcase work in a supportive and friendly environment.
Delivering this work was Lightseekers founder, Kajal Nisha Patel who is Leverhulme Artist in Residence 2016. This is beyond Kajal’s normal practice as a photographer & film-maker as she transitions into becoming a visual artist, experimenting with textiles and other mixed media. This workshop forms part of Kajal’s residency and research into the lives of British South Asian women and emancipation of the female spirit.

We are extremely grateful for the support of Attenborough Arts Centre, staff and volunteers involved in this project; Seetal Gahir, Hannah Pillai, Georgina Elsom, Marianne Pape, Sam West.


November 10, 2016