Drawing on my mother’s experience of working in Leicester’s textiles & hosiery industry, I was led towards the remnants of local garment production, its related cottage industries along with other skilled craftspeople in the areas surrounding Chesterfield.

First Art area

Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, Nottinghamshire

Abacus Lighting

I concentrated on the local skills based economy, particularly small enterprise artisans, working with natural materials. I wanted to reflect people’s pride when they connect with the history of the land that they inhabit and the dignity that comes from producing meaningful things. I was also interested in recording the contribution that artisanal craftsmanship makes towards individual and collective identities. Throughout this project, I considered the fundamental need for creativity and beauty for our human species to go beyond survival, towards Ananda (bliss).

Early catalogues (image from David Nieper)

The official launch took place in Mansfield town centre in 2015. The light-box exhibition system was designed and installed by Procur.arte of Portugal.

Installation. Mansfield Town Centre