Four women’s lives, interconnected through shared experiences of working at Mansfield Hosiery Mills in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Although still in progress, the fifth film occupies a symbolic space for those women who continue to be silenced, deliberately.



Arriving from the Indian subcontinent and East Africa in their youth, for many first & second generation women, there are multiple relationships and complexities relating to:

“…the past, the peasant past, the tribal past and the colonial past each with it’s own particular prescriptions for the woman’s role, constantly intruding on the present”. (Wilson 1978)




This work is a response to the events of October 1972, during which 500 South Asian workers came out on strike after being denied access to the best paid jobs on knitting machines. The National Union of Hosiery and Knitwear Workers, had failed to support them in their attempts over many years to gain promotion. The strike lasted around 12 weeks.