‘When the forest is gone, life is gone. The music stops and the party is over. To heal our planet from all the wounds we’re causing, we need to start looking inside for the wounds that are begging to be healed. We need to face and let go of every conflict, every fear and every pain that is poisoning our hearts, locking love and compassion from flowing freely through us. Love is not something we create on our own. It is not something we find in our path. It is something we allow to flow through us. It’s always here. It’s a vibrational frequency constantly and abundantly available around us. All we’re asked to do is open our hearts and tap into it.





We are connecting. We are remembering and we are healing.


We are collectively in the process of creating a whole new world order, more powerful than the order of fear and separation that seems to be spreading so fast. The seeds have been planted. Open your heart and join the tribe. Reconnect with nature and one another. Make a promise and the universe will give you everything you need to fulfil it, trust me.


Be fearless’. Irene Shamma.