‘Be Fearless’. Irene Shamma

Journal / 20.11.16

‘When the forest is gone, life is gone. The music stops and the party is over. To heal our planet from all the wounds we’re causing, we need to start looking inside for the wounds that are begging to be healed. We need to face and let go of every conflict, every fear and every pain […]

Do Arts and Culture Need a Digital Suffragette Movement?

Lightseekers Talks / 20.11.16

Panel Discussion, ‘Taking the Lead: Do Arts and Culture Need a Digital Suffragette Movement?’ at Rough Trade, Nottingham on Wed 23 November 2016, 18:00 – 20:00. The event was chaired by Tobi Oredein, journalist, editor and founder of Black Ballad, with speakers Rachel Anderson, creative producer and founder of Idle Women, Kaylea Mitchem, founder of Fan Club […]

Activism, Art & Social Change

Lightseekers Talks / 13.11.16

Panel Discussion. 5th Nov 2016, 2pm – 4pm Artists Kajal Nisha Patel and Sunil Shah hosted a panel discussion with the collaborators of their commission a ‘rebel scene’. Joined by representatives from Nottingham’s rebel women, Nottingham Women’s Centre and the Sparrows’ Nest, they discussed the issues communities face today, how groups occupy spaces for change […]

Diwali Light

Journal / 29.10.16

I’ve noticed it’s becoming fashionable to celebrate one’s own culture. 3rd, 4th 5th generation seem to be much more self aware than previous generations, including my own. This is très cool.   Hopefully we can now begin return to the ideologies of the better parts of our culture, found in yoga, meditation, the symbolism behind festivals such […]

Photography Intro. The Loughborough University

Lightseekers Talks / 10.11.16

A one off Photography session at the University of Loughborough. Mon 14 November 2016, 19:30 – 21:30.

Twenty-Eight Hours

Journal Lightseekers / 11.08.16

After being awarded Leverhulme Artist in Residence in January 2016, I promised myself I would keep a diary and blog about my experiences. It hasn’t really happened.   I really admire the younger generation for their ability to vlog, blog and write so confidently. The economy of sharing seems to come quite naturally to the […]

💥 ‘Black Feminism & the Politics of WOC in Europe’. Edinburgh, 3rd Sept 💥

Talks / 08.08.16

A one-day symposium. I’ll be sharing some of my latest work & research on the working & domestic lives of British South Asian women. This unique event features presentations from a very diverse selection of scholars, activists and artists. ‘The symposium is a concerted effort to organise outside of feminism’s white gaze. Our goal is not […]

Cultural Fabric Talk. The New Walk Museum; 10th Aug.

Talks / 29.07.16

Cultural Fabric. Wed 10th August 10.30am – 12pm.   I’ll be leading a conversation at The New Walk Museum, drawing on the subject of Syrian Artist, Mohamad Khayata‘s tapestry project ‘Stitching My Syria Back’. The series represents Mohamad’s desire to reunite and ‘stitch’ back together with hopes of one day returning home. Unfortunately, Mohamad will not […]

Woven Stories, An Intergenerational Workshop

Leverhulme Lightseekers / 18.07.16

Session1. After lots of planning, we just delivered our first workshop to a cohort of women, connected by a personal interest to build a better relationship with their mother or come to terms with loss. This session was structured to deliver activities in order to provoke emotional responses, stories and feelings which are often left unresolved in […]

Selected by CVAN for DOCUMENT

News / 10.06.16

A huge amount of respect for non London centric projects that are set up to support emerging artists. A similar project was launched when I was starting out in 2007/8, when I received a bursary to purchase my first professional camera. Back then, I was just a small girl with big dreams.   As I […]

Rekha (film)

Art / 08.06.16

These films share an intimate view of British South Asian women’s lives, connected through a shared history of working at Mansfield Mills, Loughborough, Leicestershire. Focussing on women I have grown up around, this project is about first & second generation women from the Indian subcontinent that have spent their working lives in Britain’s textiles & […]

Kajal Nisha Patel – Photographer in Flight

Art Press / 23.05.16

The birds in the image towards the end of this article symbolise those who walk with me, those who reject fear and those who embrace love at every turn.   It’s difficult to explain how I feel after reading this. The Migration Museum have long supported my endeavours and this piece tells me that they […]

Energy pti

Journal / 29.03.16

Coversations with God

Cookery Workshops!

Journal Leverhulme / 13.05.16

Learn cooking from the masters.   Local British South Asian women will share cooking skills. You will be able to cook, taste and share ideas to create your own fusion food recipes. You will learn and develop essential life skills and build/gain confidence in your own abilities.   Register your interest here. (We will contact you shortly with further details).

New Storytelling Website!

Leverhulme / 17.04.16

First stories now up on the new website which is dedicated to the participatory component of my Leverhulme Artist Residency.From March – December 2016, I’ll be researching the working and domestic lives of British South Asian women.If you would like to share your story, please visit www.kajalpatel.org & hit submit. International submissions will also be considered if your story meets the ‘Mother-Daughter’ relationship criteria.

Royal Photographic Society (video)

Talks / 01.04.16

A lovely opportunity passed onto me by Abbie Trayler-Smith since she was on assignment in Nigeria. The staff and students at Ravensbourne were wonderful.   See more at: http://www.rps.org/learning/workshops-and-lectures/lectures/visual-literacy-lectures#sthash.0ZimaRIr.dpuf

Chinese Studies PhD reading group (ChiSRA)

Talks / 31.03.16

I was invited by Stephanie Lu (PhD Museum Studies, University of Leicester), to share my work with The Chinese Studies PhD reading group (ChiSRA). It was particularly interesting to compare notes on rural to urban migration within India and China.

Baby Nilu

Journal / 29.03.16

Jantar Mantar

Journal / 22.03.16

Jantar Mantar Observatory, Delhi as depicted by William Simpson of Glasgow in 1859. Commissioned by Day & Son, one of the largest and most prominent lithographic firms of the second third of the nineteenth century. Simpson’s collection of 250 watercolours was sold off as bankrupt stock after the firm went into liquidation.   The Observatory […]


Journal / 15.03.16

First Entry

Dr Maria Rovisco chairs panel on global migration

Talks / 18.02.16

I will share the stage with:   Mirjam Abigail Twigt (Department of Sociology and Media and Communication, University of Leicester) Ambrose Musiyiwa (local activist, poet and photographer) Michaela Smith (activist in LE Solidarity, currently involved in aid work at Dunkirk refugee camp).   Further info: http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/media/news-and-events/dr-maria-rovisco-chairs-panel-of-experts-on-global-migration