Satyaprakash Online

Art Lightseekers / 13.11.07

Charnwood Arts have been enormously supportive of my work from the outset. Following a long trip to India for an internship, between 2006/07, founder Kev Ryan has been following my work online.   Since I returned, the team have supported me to edit, exhibit and produce an online gallery for my project, ‘Satyaprakash’ (light of […]

Indicorps; Photographer in Residence

Journal / 31.05.07

It’s been eight months since I joined Indicorps, NGO. With the support of Manav Sadhana, I have been working with the ragpickers of Ramapir no Tekro slum in Ahmedabad. Like many people, hoping to volunteer, I feel that I am leaving with far more than I have given to this community.