As I attempt to reach the wider public with my work, my interaction with universities has increased over the past few years. I was offered an opportunity to showcase my work within a project called 100 Stories of Migration in 2014. This was a unique collaboration between The Migration Museum, London and The School of Museum Studies, Leicester as part of a wider, ongoing project.


PhD students, Sarah Plumb & Stephanie Lu curated an archive of images to create a themed exhibition aimed at engaging audiences, unlikely to visit museums or art galleries. This was achieved with an outdoor exhibition, displayed at BBC Radio Leicester and simultaneously between The University of Leicester and the local train station. With this, also came an opportunity to present the ideas behind my project ‘Trade’, during a walking tour of Leicester. During this walk, I explained my personal connections to the old industrial textiles factory buildings. The aim of the tour was to consider the urban environment as a museum; A living, breathing organism.


This collaboration has been a turning point as I’m beginning to engage in discussion outside my usual circle of friends, community workers and creatives.